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    Dairy foods - helping to nourish the world

    Addressing questions such as ‘are people meeting their nutritional needs?’ and ‘can you have a nu...

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    Nutrient-rich dairy foods & you

    This factsheet provides further information on how dairy products can provide a package of nutrie...

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    Dairy & hypertension

    Hypertension, otherwise known as high blood pressure, affects millions of people around the world...

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    Osteoporosis is an illness of the skeleton associated with a diminution of the density of the bon...

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    Lipids/saturated fats and cardiovascular diseases

    The French diet is higher in fat, particularly saturated fats, than the diet of most of its Europ...

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    Dairy & weight

    Trying to lose weight ? Research has shown that you will have more likelihood of success with an ...

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    Dairy & lactose intolerance

    Contrary to the common notion that people who are sensitive to lactose must avoid milk and milk p...

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    Dairy & heart disease

    Dietary recommendations advise a general reduction in fat intake and in particular a reduction in...

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    Nutritional quality of milkfat

    Fatty acids and lipids in general supply energy, are important for body structure and are essenti...