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Bulletin of the IDF N° 514/2022: Inventory of microbial food cultures with safety demonstration in fermented food products

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pages 174
published date 31 January 2022
reference Bulletin of the IDF 514/2022

Publication description

Since 2002, the International Dairy Federation (IDF), in collaboration with the European Food and Feed Cultures Association (EFFCA), has been conducting a project on the demonstration of the safety of microbial food cultures. The first inventory of food cultures was published in 2002 [14, 15], the scientific rationale for the inventory of microbial food cultures demonstrated as safe for use in food product(s) was published in a peer review journal in 2012 [1], and the inventory updated accordingly [2, 3, 4].

The inventory was updated for a third time in 2018 [5] to include further food cultures species and an update of taxonomy. It was then decided to extend the inventory to other food matrices than dairy and consider multiple food sources for a food species wherever the inventory was initially focusing mostly on dairy fermented food products.

A questionnaire was sent to all national committees of the IDF in 2020 for inclusion of new species, new food usages and an updated taxonomy. The current IDF Bulletin provides an updated inventory that replaces the ones published in 2002, 2012 and 2018. The changes in the composition and layout of the inventory are presented in the bulletin.

Keywords: Food cultures, fermentation, fermented foods, food usage, taxonomy, safety demonstration, history of use.

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International Dairy Federation. (2022). Inventory of microbial food cultures with safety demonstration in fermented food products (Bulletin of the IDF n° 514/2022). 

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