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Bulletin of the IDF N° 371/2002 - Use of enzyme preparations in cheesemaking - Detection of vegetable proteins in milk products - Scanned copy

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pages 50
published date 24 March 2002
reference Bulletin of the IDF No. 371/2002

Publication description

Use of enzyme preparations in cheesemaking (Other than rennet)

This paper discusses the wide use of enzymes, other than rennet, in the cheese-ripening process. It examines, in particular, the effect of certain enzymes on the flavour, texture and consistency of natural cheese. Furthermore, it covers the area of enzyme-modified cheese and its application as a food ingredient. Finally, it outlines the legislative framework for the incorporation of these enzymes into food products.
20 pp

Detection of vegetable proteins in milk products
M.A. Manso, T. M. Cattaneo, S. Barzaghi, M.D. Pérez, L. Sánchez, M. Calvo, C. Olieman, G. Brett & R. López-Fandiño

International food law and consumer attitudes require that the protein content of milk products be derived exclusively from milk. Historically, the methods for detecting non-milk protein in dairy products have been unreliable. For this reason, the European Commission appointed experts to conduct a comparative study of the various testing methods currently available.
26 pp

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