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Position paper: The Codex General Standard for the Use of Dairy Terms

The Codex General Standard for Use of Dairy Terms (GSUDT) provides guidance on the correct use of terms that are universally identified with dairy products. As more and more dairy imitators are being marketed around the globe, it is essential to understand international consensus on the use of dairy terms, reevaluate practices in the marketplace, and to take specific action to ensure consumers get the quality and nutritional value they expect when they buy dairy products. For further information please refer to the IDF Bulletin 507/2020.

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pages 4
published date 18 November 2020

Publication description

Position paper to accompany the release of IDF Bulletin 507/2020, The Codex General Standard for the Use of Dairy Terms Its nature, intent and implications, providing an overview and key messages.

Keywords: advertising, butter, cheese, Codex, coffee whiteners, condensed milk, cream, dairy, dried milk, evaporated milk, food legislation, GSLPF, labelling

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