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  • Bulletin of the IDF N° 338/1999 - Suggested Interpretation of Mastitis Terminology - Instruments for Mechanical Tests of Milking Machines - Mastitis Newsletter n°23 - Scanned copy - FIL-IDF
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Bulletin of the IDF N° 338/1999 - Suggested Interpretation of Mastitis Terminology - Instruments for Mechanical Tests of Milking Machines - Mastitis Newsletter n°23 - Scanned copy

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Document info

pages 62
published date 24 March 1999
reference Bulletin of the IDF No. 338/1999

Publication description

Suggested Interpretation of Mastitis Terminology
K. Larry Smith (co-ordinator)

Much of the terminology used in the thousands of publications on mastitis and its control is unique to mastitis and many terms used in one English-speaking country are described by a different term in another country.
Members of IDF Group A2 have recognised these differences and the lack of guidance when trying to determine the preferred terms. It is hoped that the present document, with contributions from all members of Group A2, will be of value to all of those interested in mastitis and the production of quality milk.
24 pp

Instruments for Mechanical Tests of Milking Machines
IDF Group of Experts A32

This document provides information about the various devices that can be used to test milking machine performance, which will help in the choice of convenient and appropriate test equipment as well as indicating the need for new and better instruments.
A proposal for test terminology is presented. All the information on the instruments listed has been provided by manufacturers or distributors.
11 pp

Mastitis Newsletter n°23
Report of the IDF Group of Experts on Mastitis – K.L. Smith, Chairman (USA)

Research Communications
State of proficiency in counting of somatic cells – Results of latest intercomparisons – E.-H. Ubben & J. Reichmuth (Germany)
Dynamics of mastitis in Norway – O. Østerås (Norway)
C-reactive protein as indicator for subclinical bovine mastitis – J. Hamann (Germany)
Characteristics of bovine mastitis caused by Listeria monocytogenes and new ELISA method for diagnosis – B. Poutrel (France)
The effect of automatic milking on bulk milk somatic cell count – H. Hogeveen, G.H. Klungel & B.A. Slaghuis (Netherlands)
Investigation on hygienic important and potential pathogens of raw milk of sheep and goats during one lactation period – L. Podstatzky- Lichtenstein, P. Winter & W. Baumgartner (Austria)
Effect of milking interval on milk yield and composition – B. O’Brien, J. O’Connell & W.Meaney (Ireland)
Milk quality and automatic milking systems (AMS) – J. Hamann (Germany)
Vaccination with ferric enterobactin receptor (FepA) to control coliform mastitis (summary of a recent PhD thesis) – J. Lin, J. Hogan & K.L. Smith (USA)
Udder health on dairy farms. A longitudinal study (summary of a recent PhD thesis) – H.W. Barkema (Netherlands)
A study of dairy herds with constantly low or constantly high bulk milk somatic cell count, with special emphasis on management (summary of a recent PhD thesis) – T. Ekman (Sweden)

Mastitis Notes from Member Countries
Switzerland: Mastitis pathogens isolated in Switzerland, 1987–1996 – M. Schällibaum
The Netherlands: The health planner: a new concept in mastitis control – H. Hogeveen, T.J.G.M. Lam, E.G. Grijsen & Y.H. Schukken Dutch mastitis platform – Y.H. Schukken

Events & Meetings
US National Mastitis Council – Update
British mastitis conference 1998
The IDF-A2 meeting in Oslo
Udder health at the International Conference on Production Diseases in Farm Animals

Somatic cells in milk
IDF symposium on udder defences and immunology
24 pp

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