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Bulletin of the IDF N° 273/1992 - Special Addresses and reports at IDF Annual Sessions, Tokyo, Japan, October 1991 - Volume II

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pages 60
published date 24 March 1992
reference Bulletin of the IDF No. 273/1992

Publication description

  • Planned production of milk in Japan - H. Shibata (Japan)
  • The history, present status and prospects of dairying and the dairy industry of Japan - T. Higaki (Japan)
  • Changes in the dairy policy in Sweden - G. André & S. Jahge (Sweden)
  • Developments in the world butter market - J. Brown (United Kingdom)
  • How to do business in Japan - L. Raun (Norway)
  • Market trends for preserved milk products - D. de Roon (Netherlands)
  • Prospects and bottlenecks for dairy developments in developing countries - J.A. Phelan (FAO, Rome)
  • Dairying in South-East Asia - J.A. Phelan (FAO, Rome), M.E. Uotila & M. Sasaki (RAPA, Thailand)

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