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Bulletin of the IDF N° 285/1993 - Reference materials and Interlaboratory collaborative studies (third series)

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pages 114
published date 24 March 1993
reference Bulletin of the IDF No. 285/1993

Publication description

by various Groups of Experts (See also Bulletins Nos 207/1986, 235/1988)

Reports on interlaboratory collaborative studies undertaken to establish the precision of standard methods of analysis giving the analytical data in full, together with the precision figures derived from them. Also includes a report on reference materials. Covers proprietary laboratory techniques - dry rehydratable film method, total solids in cheese and processed cheese, total solids content of cream powder, total solids in yoghurt, water content of caseins & caseinates, sucrose content (polarimetric method) of sweetened condensed milk, characterization of dried milk according to heat treatment & usage - HPLC method, vitamin A in milk powders, milkfat content in mixtures of milkfat with nonmilkfat, total milk-clotting activity of rennets containing chymosin and bovine pepsin, total milk-clotting activity at pH 6.5 and relative milkclotting activity test (REMCAT) of chymosin and pepsin in bovine rennets, lactulose in milk, lactose content in milk and milk products (Enzymatic methods).

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