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Bulletin of the IDF N° 370/2002 - Quantitative Recommendations for Milking Machine Install. for Small Ruminants - Guidelines: test of the flow Capacity of the Milking Unit - Nutrition Week 2000 - Scanned copy

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pages 38
published date 24 March 2002
reference Bulletin of the IDF No. 370/2002

Publication description

Quantitative Recommendations for Milking Machine Installations for Small Ruminants
P. Billon, N. Fernandez Martinez, O. Ronningen, F. Sangiorgi & E. Schuiling

This paper proposes quantitative recommendations which take into account their own physiology, special milking routines used in the different countries, and the need for producing high quality milk. An attempt is made to provide the most accurate guidelines for construction and performance for milking machines for small ruminants in general.
17 pp

Guidelines for Test of the Flow Capacity of the Milking Unit
IDF Standing Committee on Farm management

ISO standards for performance requirements and tests of milking machines have to cover the function and test of milking machines as well as for all member countries. Paragraph 1 of clause 16 of the ISO standard 5707 was meant as a measurement of the flow capacity of a milking cluster but turned out to be problematic and inconsistent. The document presented in this bulletin, prepared by an Action Team, describes the shortcomings of the current standard and proposes a new test method.
2 pp

Nutrition Week 2000
Dairy Nutrition for a Healthy Future: Abstracts & Posters

The objective of the IDF Nutrition Week 2000 was to share current nutrition information, while increasing the scientific knowledge on the ways in which dairy products can enhance well-being at all stages of life and contribute to optimum nutrition. The three major themes covered were:

  • Role of Dairy Nutrition at Different Life Stages
  • Health Effects of Milk and Other Food Components
  • Dairy Products with Nutritional Benefits

The available papers of the IDF Nutrition Week 2000 were published in the Bulletin of IDF No. 363/2001. However, it was agreed to publish the abstracts at a later stage as more were available. Posters on related topics were presented during the meeting, the abstracts of which are presented in this Bulletin.
17 pp

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