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Bulletin of the IDF N° 365/2001 - Quality Management for Small & Medium-Sized Dairy Processors - Scanned copy

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pages 67
published date 24 March 2001
reference Bulletin of the IDF No. 365/2001

Publication description

A total of 50 persons attended the workshop in Zimbabwe. Session 1 is devoted to milk production. Information is provided as to how good quality raw milk can be provided at farm level to ensure the manufacture of good quality dairy products. Session 2 targets milk reception, milk handling and transport, storage and processing. Session 3 provides interesting perspectives on Quality Control and Laboratory Analysis; giving interesting insights on what takes place in different countries as well as detailed information on how to achieve excellence in this area. Session 4 deals with Quality Management Systems. Emphasis is placed on the vital need for self-regulation in producing safe food, and the benefits of organised systems of achieving quality management. Session 5 is devoted to the educational needs of establishing quality management systems. Session 6 addresses Product Safety. Session 7 concentrates on Sensory Education, providing new insight into how products can be evaluated more objectively by sensory evaluation techniques. Session 8 concentrates on reaping the benefits of quality management in the fields of laboratory services, marketing, and achieving customer satisfaction, and managing change in a dairy enterprise.

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