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Bulletin of the IDF N° 342/1999 - Quality Assurance and Proficiency Testing - Scanned copy

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pages 34
published date 24 March 1999
reference Bulletin of the IDF No. 342/1999

Publication description

Report of Group E203, Chairman: R.L. Bradley (US)

The paper "International Harmonized Protocol for Proficiency Testing of (Chemical) Analytical Laboratories", prepared by M. Thompson & R. Wood, is reproduced as appeared in Journal of AOAC International, Vol. 76 (No. 4), 1993.
Examples of application of the AOAC/ISO/IUPAC standard in the dairy industry are provided and show how existing proficiency testing programmes for laboratories analysing dairy products meet certain aspects in the IUPAC protocol. It is important to note that these programmes may not have been developed according to the standard. These examples are given to simplify the task of incorporation of the harmonized protocol. In each appendix the similarities and differences to the IUPAC protocol are given.

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