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Special Issue 9603 - Production and Utilization of Ewe and Goat Milk

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pages 348
published date 24 March 1996
reference Special Issue 9603

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Proceedings of the IDF/Greek National Committee of IDF/CIRVAL Seminar on Production and Utilization of Ewe and Goat Milk, held in Crete (Greece), 19–21 October 1995

Over 400 participants from 20 countries attended the second IDF Seminar on the production and utilization of ewe and goat milk. The 36 papers and 81 posters presented in this publication – covering commercialization, physicochemical and organoleptic aspects, microbiological and hygienic quality, etc. – are evidence of the major importance of ewe and goat milk as a commodity in countries bordering the Mediterranean.

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