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  • Bulletin of the IDF N° 410/ 2007: Proceedings of the 1st ParaTB Forum - FIL-IDF
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Bulletin of the IDF N° 410/ 2007: Proceedings of the 1st ParaTB Forum

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published date 24 March 2007
reference Bulletin of the IDF No. 410/2007

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Paratuberculosis is an infectious disease that has emerged to become one of the leading causes of economic loss to the dairy cattle and small ruminant industries. The first IDF ParaTB Forum held in Shanghai, China, in October 2006, provided a platform for - presentations of national /regional control or eradication programs on paratuberculosis in dairy herds (goals, type of program, methods and mechanisms involved); - feed-back on programs that are established or under establishment; - analyses on how well the program is pursuing the goals set. The programme of the meeting included presentations of programs in 6 countries, a contribution of a review of communication and training programs, and the view of a dairy processing company. Representatives of 14 countries and a multinational dairy food processor participated in the meeting.

Keywords: analysis, cell, dairy herds, e. coli, import, Johne’s disease, mastitis, mycobacterium paratuberculosis, paratuberculosis, pasteurization, risk, somatic

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