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Special Issue 0501 - Part 3: Production and quality of sheep and goat milk. Prospects for their improvement

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published date 24 March 2005
reference Special Issue 0501

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Future Of The Sheep And Goats Dairy Sector

Proceedings of an International Symposium, 28-30 October 2004, Zaragoza, Spain - Published in five separate parts

Composition of sheep milk and goat milk, proteins and cheesemaking properties, polymorphism, genetic determination and differences between breeds, genetic improvement, micelles, alkaline phosphatase and its determination, fats and taste of cheese, cheese yield, lipolysis, triglycerides, branched chain and trans fatty acids, CLA and vaccenic acid, antimicrobials indigenous and residual, hygienic condition, somatic cell counting, mastitis control, machine milking, animal feed effects, sensory effects, identification of animals

Keywords: Alkaline phosphatase methods, Animal identification, Antimicrobials, Cheese, Composition of milk, Fatty acid, Feeds, Genetics, Goat, Hygiene, Lipolysis, Mastitis control, Milk, Milking characteristics, Nutrition, Pasteurization, Polymorphism, Protein, Sheep, Somatic cell count

95 pages, in English

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