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Bulletin of the IDF N° 400/2005 - Membrane technologies for the fractionation of dairy components

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published date 24 March 2005
reference Bulletin of the IDF No. 400/2005

Publication description

Overview of promising applications of membrane processing of milk, whey etc: micro?ltration for separating somatic cells, milkfat globules, bacteria and micellar casein, and combined membrane processes for preparing milk proteins or peptides of nutritional or nutraceutical interest, such as beta-lactoglobulin and beta-casein bioactive peptides.
26 references.

This is the first paper presented at the IDF World Dairy Summit and Centenary Conference (Bruges, 2003) on Advances in Fractionation and Separation: Processes for Novel Dairy Applications. The other papers were published in Bulletin of IDF No 389/2004.

Keywords: bacterial separation, bioactive, casein, fat globule, beta-lactoglobulin, membrane, micelles, peptide, protein, micro?ltration, separation, somatic, technology, whey

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