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Bulletin of the IDF N° 434/2009: International Collaborative Study on the Gas-Liquid Chromatographic Method for the Determination of Milk Fat Purity in Milk and Milk Products by Analysis of Triglycerides - Draft international standard ISO 17678 | IDF 202

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published date 24 March 2009
reference Bulletin of the IDF No. 434/2009

Publication description

International Collaborative Study

Adulteration with cheaper fats of milkfat naturally present in pure milk products is not a new problem but the methods of analysis available to detect adulteration and determine its extent have only been sufficiently sensitive to carry out the task satisfactorily relatively recently. A new draft International standard has been produced by IDF and ISO (ISO 17678|IDF 202) based on the gas chromatographic analysis of triglycerides (TG), separated by carbon number, and the derivation of TG equations from the data using multivariate statistics. A combination of the results of TG contents is used for the detection of different kinds of foreign fat in pure milk products. The new method also covers recent improvements in the analytical technique.

The international collaborative study conducted to determine figures for the repeatability (r) and reproducibility (R) applicable to milkfat in products from a wide range of geographical origins is described and the newly-determined precision figures are given for fire TG equations being differently sensitive for a wide range of adulterant fats.

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