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Bulletin of the IDF N° 440/ 2009: Interlaboratory Collaborative Study on the Kjeldahl Reference Method for Nitrogen Determination in Sheep and Goat Milk according to ISO 8968-1/2 | IDF 20-1/2

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published date 24 March 2009
reference Bulletin of the IDF No. 440/2009

Publication description

The reference method for determination of nitrogen in milk (International Standard ISO 8968-1/2|IDF 20-1/2) was subjected to an international interlaboratory study to establish its precision characteristics (reproduci-bility, R, and repeatability, r) when the method is applied to sheep milk and goat milk. This paper is the report of the interlaboratory studies.

Keywords: sheep milk, goat milk, nitrogen determination, Kjeldahl, precision, interlaboratory study

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