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Bulletin of the IDF N° 267/1991 - IDF recommendations for the hygienic manufacture of spray-dried milk powders

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pages 24
published date 24 March 1991
reference Bulletin of the IDF No. 267/1991

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by IDF Group of Experts B39 - Spray drying of milk

These recommendations specific to spray-dried milk powders exist alongside IDF’s General Code of hygienic practice for the dairy industry (Bulletin No. 178/1984) and the Codex Alimentarius Recommended International Code of Hygienic Practice for Dried Milk (CAC/RCP31-1983). The recommendations cover definitions, design and facilities of the establishment, general hygiene requirements for the establishment, hygiene and health requirements for personnel, hygienic processing requirements for the establishment, and product specifications.
Appendix: Mircroorganisms of significance to the hygienic manufacture of milk powders.

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