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Bulletin of the IDF N° 284/1993 - General guidance on the acquisition of a laboratory robot system

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pages 42
published date 24 March 1993
reference Bulletin of the IDF No. 284/1993

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General guidance on the acquisition of a laboratory robot system
by A. Nieminen (Finland)

This paper describes the factors which the user should consider when acquiring a laboratory robot system - structure of the robot system, planning of the acquisition, system acquisition, and bringing into operation.
7 pp

Characterization of bovine rennets with regard to composition and strength (total milk-clotting activity)
by A. Andrén (Sweden)

This is a guide on the use of the existing standards on characterization of bovine rennets with regard to composition and strength. Using these methods, bovine rennets are characterized in a comprehensive and sufficient way, and make it easier for producers and users of bovine rennets to compare different commercial products during trade both within and between countries.
2 pp

Determination of residual activity of milk-clotting enzymes in cheese - specific identification of chymosin and its substitutes in cheese
by A. Baer (Switzerland) & J.C. Collin (France)

This is a review of the methods published on the determination of residual milk-clotting activity in cheese. It also deals with the difficulties in extracting enzymes from the cheese mass. The various methods and their detection limits of chymosin per g of cheese are summarized.
6 pp

Alternative methods for heating milk and milk products
by P.U. Gallmann & P. Eberhard (Switzerland)

This paper discusses the basic principles of processing methods for food sterilization techniques - microwaves, ohmic heating, infrared irradiation, ultraviolet irradiation, gamma irradiation, extrusion cooking, high-pressure homogenization, combined operations - along with their application in the dairy industry.
5 pp

Determination of indigenous antimicrobial proteins of milk
by IDF Group of Experts F19

This is a monograph summarizing existing methods for determining the concentration and antimicrobial activities of the major antimicrobial proteins in milk which the Group have found to be reliable and suitable.
14 pp

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