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  • Special Issue 0301 - Fermented Milk - FIL-IDF
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Special Issue 0301 - Fermented Milk

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pages 404
published date 24 March 2003
reference Special Issue 0301

Publication description

Symposium proceedings, Kolding, Denmark, June 2002

Latest scientific information and technological status on aroma and texture of fermented milk, with a focus on cultures, processing and product evaluation. Use of fermentation technology for compounds that can be used as natural food preservatives, natural nutraceutical products such as bioactive peptides or as natural flavour ingredients, or as a source of specific enzymes or enzyme cocktails.

Sections devoted to:

  • Cultures, traditional and novel, and their properties;
  • Processing techniques and monitoring; effects on the product;
  • Product evaluation in relation to physical (rheological etc) and nutritional properties and sensory testing.

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