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Bulletin of the IDF N° 269/1992 - Fermentation-produced enzymes and accelerated ripening in cheesemaking


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pages 39
published date 24 March 1992
reference Bulletin of the IDF No. 269/1992

Publication description

Proceedings of Seminar on 15 May 1991

The Seminar surveyed technical, legal and other aspects of fermentation produced enzymes and accelerated ripening in cheesemaking.

  • Chymogen” a chymosin rennet from Aspergillus niger - M.K. Harboe (Denmark)
  • Application and regulatory position of “Maxiren” - D.P. Praaning-van Dalen (Netherlands)
  • Technological aspects of the use of fermentation-produced chymosin in cheesemaking - G. van den Berg (Netherlands)
  • Future regulatory controls on food enzymes - D. Atkins, C.A. Lawrie and S. Wearne (United Kingdom)
  • Enzymes for the acceleration of cheese ripening - A.-M. Bech (Denmark)
  • Accelerated ripening of Cheddar cheese - J. Coulson, D. Pawlett & R. Wivell (United Kingdom)
  • Pregastric lipases - P. Birschbach (USA)

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