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  • Factsheet of the IDF N° 35/2023: Dairy matrix: The case of yoghurt - FIL-IDF
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Factsheet of the IDF N° 35/2023: Dairy matrix: The case of yoghurt

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pages 7
published date 14 December 2023

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Nowadays, nutrition research focuses on the holistic impact of whole foods on health. This entails the recognition that a food’s impact is shaped by the interaction of its components and structure, going beyond the sum of its individual nutrients (i.e., food matrix effect). This factsheet series delves into the emerging body of research on the dairy matrix, reshaping current nutritional and health perspectives. Dairy foods have different matrices that result in distinct matrix effects.

• The yoghurt matrix describes the unique structure of yoghurt, its components, and how they interact, and how this impacts potential health effects upon consumption.

• Yoghurt consumption has consistently been linked with a lower risk of type 2 diabetes.

• The yoghurt matrix benefits gut health. Yoghurt, containing lactose, defies expectations as lactose-intolerant individuals often experience no discomfort after consumption.

• Fermented dairy foods, like yoghurt, can enhance the absorption of nutrients

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International Dairy Federation. (2023).  Dairy matrix: The case of yoghurt (Factsheet of the IDF N° 35/2023).

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