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Bulletin of the IDF N° 464/ 2013: Emerging Dairy Sector Conference, IDF World Dairy Summit 2012 - Cape Town, South Africa - October 2012

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pages 28
published date 24 March 2013
reference Bulletin of the IDF No. 464/2013

Publication description

This publication comprises two papers presented at the Emerging Dairy Sector Conference during the IDF World Dairy Summit in Cape Town, South Africa in October 2012:

- Dairy: nutritional value for money for South African consumers

F. Wenhold, C. Leighton

The affordability of dairy is analyzed in terms of nutritional value for money of five selected dairy foods and twelve foods typically chosen by low-income urban consumers in South Africa. The findings show that dairy can supply the shortfall micronutrients, especially calcium, but also protein and vitamins B2 and B12, at a reasonable cost.

Keywords: Dairy, Diet, Micronutrients, Milk, Nutrients, RDA, Vitamins

- The benefits of animal welfare for farmers and the environment in emerging economies

L. Lambert, M. Appleby, S. Parente

This paper describes how attention to animal welfare in terms of health, housing, hygiene and nutrition can bring profound benefits to dairy producers.

Keywords: Animal welfare, Animal wellbeing, Dairy, Milk, Sustainable

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