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  • Special Issue 9503 - Dairying in Central and Eastern Europe – Problems and perspectives - FIL-IDF
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Special Issue 9503 - Dairying in Central and Eastern Europe – Problems and perspectives

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pages 152
published date 24 March 1995
reference Special Issue 9503

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Proceedings of the 3rd IDF Consultation held in Warsaw, Poland, 24-26 October 1994


  • Pilarczyk (Poland)
  • M. Strzelecki (Poland)

Opening Session:

  • E. Hopkin (IDF)

Challenges for the dairy industry throughout the world

1. Trends in world dairying – M. Griffin (Italy)

2. Challenges and opportunities for dairying in the light of the tasks of the transformation process of the economy and trends on the world milk market – B. Imbs (Poland)

3. Developments in the dairy sectors of Central and Eastern European countries – H. Schelhaas (the Netherlands)

Future prospects for the dairy industries in Central & Eastern Europe

4. European Union and CEE countries' approaches on agriculture – some conclusions – H. Nallet (European Commission, Brussels, Belgium)

5. Prospects of the dairy industry in Central and Eastern Europe - summary and main theses – K. Krajewski & J. Zegar (Poland)

6. The state of the dairy complex in Russia and outlook for its development in 1994-1996 – V.D. Haritonov (Russia)

7. Present situation and perspectives of Slovak dairying – K. Herian (Slovak Republic)

Present situation & perspectives in Central & Eastern European countries

8. Questionnaire – Central European dairying 1994

9. Present situation and strategy of Polish dairying – M. Strzelecki, K. Krajewski & R. Bolesta (Poland)

10. The Lithuanian dairying situation in the transfer period – V. Vaitkus (Lithuania)

11. The Czech Republic – O. Obermaier (The Czech Republic)

12. Brief summary (Ukraine) – I. Borodai (Ukraine)

13. Romania – C. Moraru (Romania)

14. Estonia – H. Janson (Estonia

15. An assessment of the likely positive effects resulting from the introduction of UHT milk processing into the Central and East European dairy industry – M.P. Sudnik (Poland)

Construction of a market-orientated industry

16. Current results of the reconstruction process in the dairy industry of the former GDR – J. Fuchs (Germany)

17. Agriculture and the free market from the farmers’ point of view – D. King (France)

18. Conclusions of the consultation


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