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Bulletin of the IDF N° 363/2001 - Dairy Nutrition for a Healthy Future - Sphingolipids: Metabolism and Implications for Health - Scanned copy

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pages 51
published date 24 March 2001
reference Bulletin of the IDF No. 363/2001

Publication description

Dairy Nutrition for a Healthy Future

IDF Nutrition Week 2000

The objective of IDF’s Nutrition Week held on 29-30 May in Dublin, Ireland, was to share current nutrition information, while increasing the scientific knowledge on the ways in which dairy products can enhance well-being at all stages of life and contribute to optimum nutrition. The three major themes covered and reflected in the 6 papers presented in this Bulletin included:

  • Role of Dairy Nutrition at Different Life Stages
  • Health Effects of Milk and Other Food Components
  • Dairy Products with Nutritional Benefits

Sphingolipids: Metabolism and Implications for Health

M. Pfeuffer & J Schrezenmeir

There is strong evidence that sphingolipids play an important role for various metabolic physiological functions with potentially important implications for health. Dietary sphingolipids may directly exert beneficial effects in the intestinal tract, protecting against cancer and bacteria infection.

This paper examines how dietary measures affect the endogenous sphingolipid metabolism, and the close association between cholesterol and sphingomyelin (SM) regulatory mechanisms suggests that cholesterol may to some extent affect CHD risk via modification of the SM metabolism.

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