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  • Special Issue 0003 - Crisis Management - FIL-IDF
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Special Issue 0003 - Crisis Management

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pages 116
published date 24 March 2000
reference Special Issue 0003

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International Symposium, Sydney, Australia, March 2000

This international symposium was the first time that industry specialists and crisis management experts were brought together to answer the questions affecting the dairy and food industries with regard to food-related crises and their far-reaching consequences. The areas covered include: issue management in a rapidly evolving marketplace, globalization, emerging areas of concern for the food industry, sabotage, stakeholder relations, and dealing with the media.

In addition, a number of local and international case studies are presented, including: the Sydney water crisis, BSE, Garibaldi Mettwurst and an anthrax case study which integrates local, global and scientific themes.

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