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  • Bulletin of the IDF N° 516/2022: Heat Treatment of Milk - FIL-IDF
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Bulletin of the IDF N° 516/2022: Heat Treatment of Milk

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pages 33
published date 28 April 2022
reference Bulletin of the IDF/516

Publication description

Heat treatment is the most widely used processing technology in the dairy sector to guarantee product safety and longer shelf-life. It includes treatments such as thermisation and usually combined with very clean packaging technology, is increasingly applied in many countries. ESL processing intends to combine the advantages of HTST pasteurisation, such as no cooking flavour and low protein denaturation, with the advantage of a longer shelf-life of UHT treated and aseptically packed milk.

This publication provides an overview of the different heat treatments applied to milk for direct consumption or prior to further processing, and their verification procedures.

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International Dairy Federation. (2022). Heat treatment of milk (Bulletin of the IDF n° 516/2022).

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