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Bulletin of the IDF N° 515/2022: Guidelines for defining quarter and udder health status and cured clinical and subclinical mastitis cases

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pages 27
published date 28 March 2022
reference BULLETIN OF THE IDF 515/2022

Publication description

Given ongoing technological developments in the areas of microbiological diagnosis, detection of inflammatory markers and biomarker sensors and sensor systems, the definitions of clinical, subclinical and chronic mastitis are increasing in number and complexity. There is a need to target these definitions to their specific applications to facilitate value for the end-user. The developmental background and scientific validation of existing and new detection methods are lacking or have limited documentation, making their interpretation for research or on-farm advice challenging. Currently these methods are used with varying definitions, cut-offs, and limits. This report endeavours to provides clearer definitions of clinical, sub-clinical and chronic mastitis, as well as cure from clinical and subclinical mastitis, based on scientific literature and where necessary expert opinion. The use of updated definitions should increase the accuracy of mastitis prevalence estimation and increase the consistency in the calculation of mastitis incidence in cattle populations.

Keywords: Mastitis, Clinical, Subclinical, Chronic, Cure.

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