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Bulletin of the IDF N° 298/1994 - Behaviour of pathogenic bacteria in cheese – A synopsis of experimental data

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pages 42
published date 24 March 1994
reference Bulletin of the IDF No. 298/1994

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Behaviour of pathogenic bacteria in cheese – A synopsis of experimental data
by U. Spahr (Switzerland) & B. Url (Austria)

Synopsis of experimental data presented during the 25th meeting of Commission F – Science, Nutrition and Education – during the IDF Annual Sessions in Minneapolis, MN (US), in October 1993, as part of the work of Group F40 – Microbiological safety of raw and unpasteurized milk and milk products. The behaviour of pathogenic bacteria exposed to physical, biochemical and biological conditions occurring during cheese manufacture is examined, along with actual experiments and observations.
15 pp

HPLC of furosine for evaluating Maillard reaction damage in skimmilk powders during processing and storage
by P. Resmini & L. Pellegrino (Italy)
An introduction to and explanation of the significance of furosine for a more comprehensive description of the effect of both processing and storage conditions on milk powder quality.
6 pp

Approach to near infrared spectroscopy
by R. Giangiacomo (Italy) & R. Nzabonimpa (Switzerland)
Increasing experimental evidence supports the use of infrared spectroscopy as a highly useful, rapid, versatile, and sufficiently accurate technique for industrial application. The instrumentation and factors affecting measurements are looked at, along with a review of the development of its growing application in the dairy sector.
6 pp

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