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Bulletin of the IDF N° 348/2000 - Automatic Milking - Payment Systems for Ex-Farm Milk - Dairy Farmers and the Millennium Round. World Dairy Producers Round Table - Scanned copy

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pages 48
published date 24 March 2000
reference Bulletin of the IDF No. 348/2000

Publication description

Automatic milking
Automatic milking is a topic of increasing interest, with new developments almost weekly. The benefits of this technique include reduced labour demand and thus a better social life for dairy producers, along with the potential for improved milk quality, animal health and welfare, and increased milk yields. This paper examines these factors in relation to cow traffic management, milking, milk hygiene, milk handling and herd management. Particular attention is given to the milking process and the effects on milk quality and udder health.
12 pp

Payment Systems for Ex-Farm Milk
The replies of a new questionnaire, designed to cover not only features covered in the survey of 1998 but also new questions about organic or biological milk production, residues and environmental aspects, are presented. Twenty-six out of a total membership of 36 IDF countries participated in the survey. The following aspects are covered: Price expressions, Component criteria for price determination, Hygienic criteria, Production practices, MRLs, Frequency and method of payment, Contracts for national and international markets, Seasonal changes in the composition of milk.
28 pp

Dairy Farmers and the Millennium Round. World Dairy Producers Round Table
26–28 November 2000, Vancouver, Canada

The first IFAP-IDF World Dairy producers Round Table took place in Vancouver, BC, Canada, on 26-28 November 1999, with 67 participants representing 26 countries. The objectives were to promote discussion among the dairy producers with the aim of progressing towards a greater mutual understanding and awareness of the impact of the trade negotiations could have on the dairy sector, bearing in mind the way in which these topics are dealt with differs greatly from country to country. The topics included the following - aspirations of farmers for the next WTO negotiations, world dairy situation 1999, farmers’ market power, expectations of developing countries, sanitary and phytosanitary measures, environmental issues, export subsidies, market access, domestic support.
6 pp

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