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Bulletin of the IDF N° 479/2015: A common carbon footprint approach for the dairy sector - The IDF guide to standard life cycle assessment methodology (in English)

There is a recognized need to calculate greenhouse gas emissions (that is, the carbon footprint) for both dairy cattle farming operations and dairy manufacturers within the global dairy sector. In 2010, the first edition of ‘A Common Carbon Footprint Approach for the Dairy Sector: The IDF Guide to Standard Life Cycle Assessment Methodology’ was published. The guide has now been reviewed and revised to reflect evolving science and standards in carbon footprint methodology, in addition to experiences in using the guide by the dairy industry.

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Document info

pages 60
published date 24 March 2015
reference Bulletin of the IDF No. 479/2015 - Also available in Polish

Publication description

This revised version ensures that the guide remains practical for use by the dairy sector globally, up-to-date scientifically and aligned with developments in other standards. Although all areas of concern and current development were analyzed, changes to the guidelines were limited to those supported by robust scientific evidence in order to ensure the highest degree of consistency, as well as to allow comparability with the f irst version and subsequent revisions. This bulletin replaced the version of 2010, the bulletin of IDF N° 445/2010.

Keywords: carbon footprint, climate change, emissions, environment, environmental management, environmental policies, greenhouse gas, land use, LCA, milk production, sustainability

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