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  • The IDF Milking Technologies Symposium 2023 - Watch again on Demand - FIL-IDF
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The IDF Milking Technologies Symposium 2023 - Watch again on Demand

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published date 01 December 2023

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Session 1: Milking machine technology: design, efficiency and testing

This session will delve into the intricacies of design, efficiency, and testing. Attendees will gain insights into the latest advancements in milking machine design, exploring how cutting-edge technologies enhance functionality and user experience. Additionally, experts will share valuable information on improving milking efficiency, optimizing milk yield, quality, and standardization of methodologies.

  • Speaker: Prof. Rupert M. Bruckmaier (University of Bern, Switzerland)

Milking technology meets cow physiology: the interplay of milk ejection and milk removal

  • Speaker: Prof. Douglas Reinemann (University of Wisconsin Madison, United States) 

Advances and challenges in machine milking technologies

  • Speaker: Dr John Upton (Teagasc, Animal & Grassland Research and Innovation Centre, Ireland) 

Improving milking efficiency

  • Speaker: Morten Dam Rasmussen (Aarhus University, Denmark) 

Cluster remover settings, overmilking and interpretation of vacuum measurements

  • Abstract speaker: Prof. Alen Dzidic (University of Zagreb, Croatia) 

 Effect of liner shape and dimensions on teat penetration during milking in dairy cows

  • Abstract speaker: Jean-Louis Poulet (Idele, France)

CapriMam3D: new artificial teats to improve goat milking device laboratory tests

  • Advisor's perspective: Dr John Penry (Dairy Australia, Australia)

Recent science in liner performance with an Australasian and US lens



Session 2: Dairy health and welfare in sustainable milking systems. 

This session aims to explore the critical aspects of promoting animal well-being and sustainable practices in dairy farming. Attendees will gain valuable insights into strategies and technologies that prioritize the health and welfare of dairy animals, ensuring their optimal care and comfort. Experts will discuss the integration of sustainable milking systems, emphasizing the importance of ethical and responsible farming practices to achieve long-term viability in the dairy industry.

  • Speaker: Dr Sabine Ferneborg (Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Norway) 

Milking in cow-calf contact systems: current considerations and future needs

  • Speaker: Dr Jennifer Walker (Kinder Ground, United States) 

Milking systems impact on the welfare dairy cattle and their caregivers

  • Speaker: Prof. Victor Cabrera (University of Wisconsin Madison, United States)

Continuous dairy data integration for improved management and decision-making

  • Speaker: Eyal Brayer (Dairycs, Israel)

Meadow Sense: The first true fully autonomous dairy farm

  • Abstract speaker: Martin Browne (Teagasc, Ireland)

Combining milking machine and accelerometer data to indicate the level of cow comfort on different milking machine settings

  • Abstract speaker: Prof. Alfonso Zecconi (Univerty of Milan, Italy)

Innovative materials with antimicrobial activity to decrease infection risk during milking

  • Advisors perspective: William Smits (Delaval)

Milking cows is not that simple



Session 3: Farm management and dairy business in milking systems. 
This session will provide attendees with valuable knowledge on effectively managing and optimizing dairy farms. Experts will share insights on efficient resource allocation, labour requirements and business strategies to maximize profitability in milking systems. Attendees will gain practical advice on improving farm productivity, enhancing milk quality, and implementing successful management practices in the context of modern milking systems.

  • Speaker: Dr Callum Eastwood (DairyNZ, New Zealand)

Technology and workplace productivity in grazed dairy systems

  • Abstract speaker: Dr Pablo Silva Boloña (Teagasc, Ireland)

Does concentrate supplementation and milking permission increase milking frequency in a pasture based automatic milking system? Evidence from a controlled trial

  • Speaker: Dr Carl Oskar Paulrud (DeLaval, Sweden)

Status on the ongoing revision of ISO standards on machine milking

  • Sponsor presentation: Dairymaster, Michael Ryan

DairyVue360 with Swiftflo personalised milking

  • Speaker: Urs Schmid (DeLaval AG, Switzerland)

On-farm implementation of innovative machine technologies and milking routines

  • Abstract speaker: Anna Schwanke (University of Guelph, Canada)

Impact of dairy cow personality traits and concentrate allowance on the adaptability, behaviour, and production of dairy cows trained to use a free-traffic automated milking system

  • Advisor's perspective: Wayne Swart (Derrylin Agricultural Services Pty Ltd, South Africa)

Dairy development in Tanzania

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