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  • Special Issue 9505 - Residues of antimicrobial drugs and other inhibitors in milk - FIL-IDF
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Special Issue 9505 - Residues of antimicrobial drugs and other inhibitors in milk

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pages 343
published date 24 March 1995
reference Special Issue 9505

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Proceedings of the Symposium on Residues of Antimicrobial Drugs and Other Inhibitors in Milk, held in Kiel, Germany, 28-31 August 1995

The 67 papers presented here cover seven main areas.

(1) Antimicrobials and their use in dairy cows – which antimicrobials are used and the quantities sold for all kinds of applications.

(2) The pharmacodynamic, pharmacokinetic and excretion of antimicrobials into milk – how the scientific basis for establishing withholding times is formed.

(3) Treatment of mastitis – the importance of improving hygienic management of cows and the limited use and expansion of new antibiotics.

(4) Safety evaluation/legal situation – the various approaches of Codex, the EU and the US on assessments of residues of veterinary drugs and the legislation needed to control the risks of such residues.

(5) Technological significance of residues – antibiotic resistant bacteria in fermented dairy products and the recovery of penicillin and sulfamethazine from contaminated milk after spray drying.

(6) Testing and detection of antimicrobials – microbiological inhibitor tests, immuno-/receptor tests and chemical/physical methods.

(7) IDF integrated detection system for antimicrobials – practical experiences in Germany; and the National Drug Residue Milk Monitoring Program (NDRMMP).

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