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Bulletin of the IDF N° 321/1997 - Recommendations for Presentation of Mastitis-Related Data - Guidelines for Evaluation of the Milking Process - Scanned copy

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pages 36
published date 24 March 1997
reference Bulletin of the IDF No. 321/1997

Publication description

Recommendations for Presentation of Mastitis-Related Data

Part 1: Somatic Cell Count

Part 2: Records of Clinical Mastitis

by a sub-group of IDF Group A2 – Bovine Mastitis

Historically, somatic cell count data have been presented in a variety of ways, making comparisons of data from different sources difficult, if not impossible. Milk somatic cell counts are increasingly used to compare milk quality within regions or states of a country as well as among countries. The final number used to indicate the status of a country/region/milk cooperative can vary greatly depending upon the method used for calculation. As the demand for such comparisons increases, so does the need for a standardized method of calculation. A subgroup of A2 was organized under the leadership of Olav Østerås (Norway) with the charge to produce a document recommending standardized methods for presentation of somatic cell count data. A section on presentation of clinical mastitis data is included as these data also suffer from a lack of consistent method of presentation, and comparisons among studies or reports are very difficult.

The document is presented in the form of a condensed version for quick reading and introduction to the subject matter, and as the full text with complete detail. The document will be a useful reference for those publishing data involving somatic cell counts and/or incidence of clinical mastitis cases, and will help bring clarity to an area where it is needed.

20 pp

Guidelines for Evaluation of the Milking Process

by J. Hamann (Germany) (in conjunction with the IDF Machine Milking and Mastitis Subgroup A2D of Group A2)

The paper describes guidelines to evaluate the entire process of mechanical milking. Application of the guidelines will result in detailed information on interactions between machine, milker and dairy cows, and the related efficiency of milking, milk removal and any risk of new infection of the mammary gland. The guidelines are based mainly on evaluation of the following criteria: (1) Operator action and behaviour; (2) Animal factors and behaviour; (3) Machine characteristics, and (4) General conditions of housing and management.

5 pp - (En/Fr)

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