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  • Bulletin of the IDF N° 271/1992 - Pasteurization of cream - FIL-IDF
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Bulletin of the IDF N° 271/1992 - Pasteurization of cream

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pages 56
published date 24 March 1992
reference Bulletin of the IDF No. 271/1992

Publication description

Monograph by IDF Group of Expert B21 - Influence of technology on the quality of heat-treated milk

This monograph complements those on pasteurized milk (Bulletin of IDF No. 200/1986) and thermization of milk (Bulletin of IDF No. 182/1984) and comprises the following:

  • General aspects - O. Cerf (France)
  • Microbiological aspects of pasteurized cream - F.M. Driessen & M.G. van den Berg (Netherlands)
  • Physico-chemical effects of pasteurization on cream properties - H.G. Kessler & R. Fink (Germany)
  • Lipase activity - H.B. Castberg (Norway)
  • Enzymatic activity other than lipase - A.V. Houlihan (Australia)
  • Sensory aspects - G.K. Jensen & H.H. Poulsen (Denmark)
  • Cream pasteurization - T. Bøgh Sørensen (Denmark)
  • Packaging requirements - M. Bull (United Kingdom)
  • Statutory aspects. Replies by IDF National Committees to a questionnaire

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