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Special Issue 0501 - Part 1: Panorama of the sheep and goat dairy sectors

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published date 24 March 2005
reference Special Issue 0501

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Future Of The Sheep And Goats Dairy Sector

Proceedings of an International Symposium, 28-30 October 2004, Zaragoza, Spain - Published in five separate parts

Situation of sheep dairy sector and goat dairy sector in different parts of the world (EU, Central and Eastern Europe, Mediterranean West Asia, North Africa, North America, South America, Asia) with data on production, types and volumes of products and sectoral structure, numbers and breeds of animals. Recent changes, prices, payment systems, competition, profitability, multifunctionality, future scenarios.

Keywords: America, Asia, Breeds, Dairy sector, Europe, Goat, Milk, North Africa, Payment system, Prices, Prospective forecast, Sheep

64 pages, in English

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