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ISO 11816-1 | IDF 155-1: 2013 - Milk and milk products - Determination of alkaline phosphatase activity - Part 1: Fluorimetric method for milk and milk-based drinks

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Document info

pages 13
published date 24 March 2013
reference ISO 11816-1, IDF 155-1:2013

Publication description

This part of ISO 11816 | IDF 155 specifies a fluorimetric method for the determination of alkaline phosphatase (ALP, EC activity in raw and heat-treated whole milk, semi-skimmed milk, skimmed milk and flavoured milks. This method is applicable to milk and milk-based drinks from cows, sheep and goats. It is also applicable to milk powder after reconstitution.

The instrument can read activities up to 7 000 milliunits per litre (mU/l). If the activity is higher than 7 000 mU/l, it is diluted with alkaline phosphatase-free milk (7.1) so as to obtain a measurement not higher than 7 000 mU/l.

This third edition of ISO 11816-1 | IDF 155-1 cancels and replaces IDF 155-1: 2006, which has been technically revised.

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