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Bulletin of the IDF N° 487/2017: IDF Global Marketing Trends, Understanding Changes in Global Dairy Consumption

Based on in-depth research conducted by IDF national experts, this study is intended to supplement the existing World Dairy Situation report by shedding light on global food consumption trends, with a particular focus on dairy products by geographic region. In addition to exploring dairy consumption trends, the report identifies key consumption drivers and barriers.

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Document info

pages 132
published date 09 June 2017
reference Bulletin of the IDF No. 487/2017

Publication description

The study looks at the major dairy product categories, and the various factors influencing consumption: demographics, economy, dairy sector dynamism, changes in consumption habits, and consumer expectations. Also featured are anti-milk and anti-fat messages, and cattle-breeding debates across the globe. This data analysis provides the necessary elements for future strategy guidelines for all dairy product segments.

Keywords: dairy products, consumption trends, food trends, dairy, milk, butter, cheese, cream, yoghurt, ice cream, consumption, demand, consumption habits, consumer expectations, economics, demographics, health, diet, reputation.

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