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ISO 5538 | IDF 113: 2004 - Milk and milk products - Sampling - Inspection by attributes

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pages 23
published date 24 March 2004

Publication description

ISO 5538 | IDF 113: 2004 specifies sampling plans for the inspection by attributes of milk and milk products. It is intended to be used to choose a sample size for any situation where it is required to measure the conformity to a specification of a lot of a dairy product by examination of a representative sample.

ISO 5538 | IDF 113: 2004 is applicable to the sampling of all milk products submitted in discrete lots, irrespective of whether the lots are from the sample production. The acceptance or otherwise of any lot is a matter for the parties to a contract and is outside the scope of ISO 5538|IDF 113: 2004.

ISO 5538 | IDF 113: 2004 is intended to be used in all cases where attribute sampling plans are required for a dairy product, except that if specific compositional standards, specifications or contracts include different sampling.

ISO 5538 | IDF 113: 2004 is not applicable to sampling for microbiological defects, unless otherwise agreed by the interested parties.

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