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ISO 11816-2 | IDF 155-2: 2016 - Milk and milk products - Determination of alkaline phosphatase activity - Part 2: Fluorometric method for cheese

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Document info

pages 15
published date 24 March 2016
reference ISO 11816-2, IDF 155-2:2016

Publication description

This part of ISO 11816|IDF 155 specifies a fluorimetric method for the determination of alkaline phosphatase (ALP, EC activity in cheese.

This method is applicable to soft cheeses, semi-hard and hard cheeses provided that the mould is only on the surface of the cheese and not also in the inner part (e.g. blue veined cheeses). For large hard cheeses, specific conditions of sampling apply (see Clause 7).

The instrument can read activities in the supernatant up to 7 000 milliunits per litre (mU/l).

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